I have a real problem with people who expect others to give grown adults a gold star because they used to be a complete scumbag and now they're...a slightly more decent person. June is not a toddler; she was a grown woman when she started her YouTube channel, and she's older now. I wish people on so-called "Bread Tube" cared half as much about disenfranchised populations getting screwed over by the system as they do about kissing up to the "popular kids" on YouTube.

Please convey my apologies to both of these artists; had I known who they were, I would have credited them from the start. I have since added links to their pages. I’m not making money off of my writing here, and my goal was certainly not to profit off of their work.

This is not me, but this is a rough estimate of my emotional state in grade school.

Growing up, I was what one might call a “gifted kid.” I learned to read at age 3 by repeating my older brother. I was skimming my parents’ old Encyclopedia Britannica at four years old. I got straight A’s in third grade and B-averages nearly every other year between fourth…

(CW; mental illness, self-harm mention)

This is the best eye-catching image I could give. All credit goes to Pixar, and all that.

Recently, I’ve been going back and considering things I’ve discovered are at the root of my depression within the past year. In my journey, I’ve realized that one main emotion at the root of my depression is…anger. I have a lot of unresolved anger issues.

Disclaimer: While I recognize that ethical veganism recognizes that other-than-human animals are not ours to exploit for any purpose, I’m going to be talking solely about “food veganism” here, as that’s what’s being discussed in these videos.

As a vegan on YouTube, I make frequent forays into the jungles of…

Phoenix Lee

Black vegan anarcha-feminist crippled queer (they/she). Giver of hot takes and spiller of tea.

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